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We do things a little differently at Global Contact!


There’s a little shop in Berry

where the light it shines so bright

at the Northern end of Queen St

to bring the outer world delight


Patsy is the owner

she’s a mermaid in disguise

she’s put her heart & soul in it

so all are gifted with surprise


Its a magic space of peace & love

filled with wondrous many gifts

and souls who may be struggling

it just makes their hearts uplift


People they just wonder in

feeling many different moods

and once they’ve been amongst the vibe

it just puts them in the groove


Some just can’t stop smiling

as others do a little jig

some they shed a sparkling tear

and say the experience has been big!


And me I’m thrilled to hang about

blessed to work in an amazing space

and some days I get overwhelmed

as a whistle comes from my face


Cause God knows I can't sing a note

to our many great CD’s

but Purnima (Patsy) is the one who’s blessed

with a voice putting Angels at ease


And Jewels we are surrounded in

a Queen would be impressed

it makes all those who wear them

feel incredibly so blessed


And Crystals they are bountiful

natures amazing many treasures

to heal the soul and spirit

they gift the world with such wondrous pleasures


And books you can read till the cows come home

they suit every type of taste

they help you grow & change & dance

so precious time you do not waste


There’s quotes & prayers & real life truths

to give you room for contemplation

our hope that all those reading them

will help to change a nation!


And if its gifts you need to buy

there a hundreds in your face

we help you choose the right one

as our gift wrappings done with grace


And Ric rocks up on weekends

he’s a palmist with humility and tact

he reads your palm & tells the truth

to put your life on track.


So yes we are a friendly bunch

we welcome everything

so if you rock up with a Pooch

we’ll say “just come on in”


And if you're in a spun out place

we will see it in your face

we’ll jump around the counter

to give a warm embrace


We try our best to help you out

with anything you need

we thoughtfully will listen

so we may put your heart at ease


Our hero’s Leonard Cohen

when he talks about the cracks

they enable all the light to flow

as we walk our many tracks


So come to ‘Global Contact’

‘experience’ as others do

you’ll be made feel most welcolme

by our motley gorgeous crew!!

Latricia (Trish) Eldridge  - Poet & VIP team member       


Store Location

  • 131 Queen St
  • Berry NSW 2535
  • Australia
  • Tel: +61 2 44642121
  • Fax: +61 2 44642121
  • Open 7 Days

Email: info@globalcontact.com.au


A beautiful selection of hand-picked pieces. Available in store only


We carry a carefully selected range. Available in store only


Beautiful gifts like bodies come in many forms. Available in store only

hundreds of titles

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