Freedom to fly

Like Spring’s new buds my Desire’s yearning is for the expansiveness of Freedom to Express itself through Me. Welcome to the Joys of Spring....a time to create aNEW.

Our latest 108 shades of love is Desire. Synchronistically a story was told to me, furthering my understanding of its essence. It went something like this:

The First Life:  A snail’s wondering spirit desired to fly & soon after its yearning found itself falling from a tree... “weeeee I’m flying”  it exclaimed & then landed safely on a truck. The truck takes off, increasing speed. “Wow flyings fantastic” feels the snail. The truck breaks suddenly - the snail gleefully flies further to its final place in this life....splat.

The Second Life:   Born a Mosquito it remarked whilst flying, “look at this spectacular scenery.” Taking a drink from an animal drinking from a lake  it started  desiring to know what it would be like to be as large as the animal she was drinking from.

This story flips my mind to judgements & opinions like;  ‘see what happens when you desire...splat!’, and the old “be careful what you wish for...”  while simultaneously questioning ‘how wonderful  would it be to be fearless & just desire?’. 

 My spirits’ desire wants to evolve & my restrained  body & mind wants to hold onto certain stories which confine the expressing of my desired experience or yearning. I believe my Soul evolution gravitates me towards freedom through exploring this life & its many adventures.  My spirited-ego loves change & adventure. My lazy complacent ego wants no change just routine because it feels safe.

Using my will to align with my highest potential, “skills-up” the LOving of my ego. Accepting my shortcomings along with my greatness, instead of striving for improvement, paves my way to deeper conscious understandings of my life & its evolution. Desire opens me & I step into conscious forgiveness, & compassion. There is a deepening of self love enabling more fearless desires to rise & miraculously; I yearn & ask to explore more.

Georgina Abrahams fearless acts of service, a woman who travels to Parramatta each week, (put link to our website story of her),  to feed many Woman (& their children) living on the streets. Globals’ Guess Who’s Coming for Dinner events donates your money to her cause.  She has inspired me to challenge my ego-self’s habitual thinking, “I can’t do this because” or “I can’t do that because” which sabotages wondrous opportunities for the growth of me.  By turning toward my desired Yes I notice my commitment issues arise.

Susan from The Heart Centre reminded me how hard it is for people to simply commit.  I read, hear & see how I/we create various stories such as: “You are not committed to this relationship.” , “I’m unable to help you because you are not committed.”, or “ All would be ok if you would simply commit to...”. There-in lies my answer  to why I/we project. I swing between excuses & resisting whilst I desire & yearn to commitment to a simple daily practice.  Avoiding the practice (even a desired new practice) stops the the ego me connecting with my “higher” me. Therefore I/we block the ability to  see  the incredible attributes within me/us such as kindness, supportiveness, generosity, patience, forgiveness, compassion, joy & many other previous unseen gifts of the LOve of self.

So today I entered my practice & 3 words came through: ‘Like sparks Ignite’ & instantly I know like-kind creates like-kind. You & I gifting caring attributes toward ourselves &/or toward another enflames LOving sparks which can automatically ignite a want toward selfless service, be it to ourselves or other being/s. The like sparks ignite &  my knowing of all that is LOve desires to create miraculous, peaceful,  great-filled & great-full experiences. And that creates the miraculous day to day of my life. 

So...instead of dismissing my desire, I want to accept it fully & step into the open doors it creates toward many, many adventurous possibilities. Why? Because like the snail, I want to fly.

 by Patsy (Purnima) Griffiths xx

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