Slow Down

00 Year Old Elders gift  ‘Slow Down’!

What an amazing Blue Planet is Earth that surrounds me and provides unlimited comforts including viewing other parts of the universe including the MOON.

I’m in awe of the vastness of Earth: the South Coast with such beauty, its white sands & turquoise waters. Laying in the arms of the blue oceanic water after walking through nature  my discomforts wash away and I am realigned with my true-nature...Peace & Love.

In honour of the cutting down of many 400 yr old Elders, like Beloved ‘Bum Tree’ in Gerroa, we at Global Contact, more than ever before through  education &/or encouragement, want to help us humans awaken from our unconscious ways. The plight of the demise of these trees has given us  an opportunity to learn; "SLOW DOWN instead of CUT DOWN."  My hope & INTENT is that  their death WILL NOT BE vain.

May the loss of these Trees that had withstood so much environmental hardship be of benefit in educating us Beings to continue to keep rising our spirits in ways we’ve not seen, heard or done before. As each one of us educates ourself in mindful actions, rests in our innate  perfection  and develop open-heartedness we will help FREE ALL.

Not so long ago many people viewed other humans as inferior and enslaved them. Today few people believe that one has the right to own slaves             ( though subtler forms of slavery still exist).

Today more people  believe their bodies can flourish and heal via eating a vegetarian diet; they have freed themselves of the predominant group think/belief that meat & 3 veg is best. In the doing they have also freed other sentient beings.

As we reconcile with Earth, appreciate and honour all life forms we open to new thinking and conscious awareness of the connected web of life of which we and trees and ALL are a part.

For example, when we become more conscious of trees we see their gifts & their benefits: their ability to create homes for animals & ourselves, their expansive branches creating shelter from weather patterns & the miracle of oxygenisation for all sentient beings to breath...This honouring & appreciation helps us  evolve away from our disconnected, abusive,  human arrogant mind-sets towards generating greater freedom for ALL.

Bum Tree & Trees with no names, I’m so sorry, so very very sorry we did not hear your call until now.

Patsy (Purnima) Griffiths

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