Alana Fairchild workshop

Sanctuary of Mother Mary

Saturday 17 May 10am - 3pm 2015

Venue: Berry Uniting Church Hall

            69 Albert St Berry

Ticket price: $108**

Experience the holy presence of the divine mother in sacred space. No matter whether you are religious or not, deeply spiritual or new to the path, Mother Mary loves you unconditionally and brings you divine guidance for healing, spiritual protection and miracles of grace. Her divine purpose is to help all beings become happy and free.

Come step into the Sanctuary of Mother Mary and know her beautiful grace, remember her as she remembers you, in the heart of unconditional love.

I have many names and faces. Beyond those names and faces, I am your loving mother always. I come to you in light and darkness, through joy, and even my beloved, through loss and tragedy. I am always your loving mother. I am seeking you. If you can know this, then great peace and spiritual power shall be yours and you will help me bring love to this world. Remember me. I am your loving mother always.

Alana Fairchild is a soul whisperer, a professional spiritual channel, guide and energy healer, musician, artist, author; providing divine therapy, blessing, initiation and education for those seeking to grow in consciousness and requiring spiritual support and/or professional and spiritual leadership.

**Pre-purchase any 2 Alana products & come to event for only $70.

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