Change your Life

 Stacey Demarco

“ Health, Wealth, Love and Flow:

How Lunar & Elemental Magic will Change your Life”

Join Stacey Demarco -

best selling Author and Pagan at this intensive workshop and you will learn:

  • How to identify your dominant Element and how to best enhance it for personal success
  • How to balance your Shadow Element for better health and more happiness
  • How to best utilise the Lunar Cycle for fast and effective manifestation
  • How to flow forward with the Seasons and the Celtic Wheel of the Year
  • Plus lots more!


Sunday  13 November 11am - 3 pm


Ticket Cost - $88.00*

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About Stacey 

Stacey Demarco is an internationally respected spiritual practitioner, Metaphysicist, Witch, author and teacher who hails from Sydney, Australia.

Her passion is to make practical magic accessible to everyone and to reconnect people with the power of nature. Her down-to-earth yet scholastic spiritual style and her skill at weaving ancient techniques to solve modern problems, make her popular amongst clients and a regular contributor upon all things spiritual across television, radio and other media.

A former successful corporate animal, she has worked for multinational companies in senior marketing and PR roles until she decided to transition into her purpose- that of being a “catalyst for change”.

Once described by the Australian mainstream financial press as the ‘Thinking Woman’s Witch,’ she is the author of three best selling books on earth-based spirituality including the classic “Witch in the Boardroom” in its third edition. Her beautiful annual Lunar & Seasonal Diary (for both Southern and Northern Hemispheres) are eagerly awaited each year. Stacey’s books with Jade-Sky, “The No Excuses Guide to Soul Mates” and “The No Excuses Guide to Uncovering your Purpose” are Australian top sellers and now released internationally. She released the world’s first lunar and spellcraft app -expected for someone who is ‘the modern witch!” 2013 Stacey released “Ocean Guardians Diary” with the Introduction by Capt Paul Watson founder of Sea Shepherds.

A long time lover and scholar of the mythos of the feminine and masculine divine, her first set of Oracle cards “Gods & Titans”, illustrated by award-winning artist Jimmy Manton and her second set, “Goddesses & Sirens”  Stacey’s other decks include “ Earth Power Oracle , Halloween and Gospel of Aradia.

She has appeared on countless television and radio programmes and in many mainstream magazines.  Her grassroots activist group ‘The 5000’ organizes fundraisers for various animal and environmental causes and beach cleanups amongst other activities. She lectures, holds workshops and retreats and consults within Australia and around the world.She is a proud pagan, active in the community, and passionate about bringing the magic of nature to everyone, especially those who sit in offices all day.

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