Crystal Awakening


Crystal Awakening


Rachelle Charman

Friday 28 November 2014. 10am to 2pm

Rachelle embodies the wisdom and teachings of Mother Earth, living with her in Divine Sacred Union & is well respected by many in the ‘Crystal’ community.

“I invite you to come and have your own experience as the crystals and Mother Earth amplify your essence and lead you on a journey of self discovery and LOVE”.

This unique One Day Event is for beginners & professionals who want:

  •     A dynamic and passionate teacher;
  •     To re -awaken in Self the unique shamanic wisdom of Mother Earth using the multitude of energies from beautiful Crystals;
  •     Connection to the sacred medicine of the earth whilst revisiting or learning new  tools to integrate their knowledge into     your daily life;
  •     To enhance their own practice personally &/or professionally.

Crystals embody not only simplistic beauty but a multitude of energies that activate our mind, body and soul and Rachelle has certainly embodied their gifts and knowledge via Ancient Shamanic Teachings.

“I believe that Crystals, Mother Earth and her healing medicines have an important role to play in our awakening. Crystals and the healing energies and these medicines of the Earth amplify and bring more light into our being enabling and supporting us in transformational healing as they bring us back into our pure natural all loving, all knowing state of being”.

Where: Berry
Cost: $88.

*Special Offer:
Pre Purchase  from Global Contact any 2 items of Rachelle’s Range before the event & come for only $44.  

Book in earlier rather than later to secure your place.
Bookings: Global Contact email or phone.

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