Drum making workshop

with Rachelle Charman

Drum Making

Crystal infused sacred drum making workshop


April 30 2017  (Sunday) -  10am – 5pm

Cost:  from $320*

        *15 inch standard size drum $320. (20 inch large hexagon - $420)


On-line at : https://sacreddrumsglobalcontact.eventbrite.com.au  ( booking fee extra), or

Email , phone (02) 4464 2121 or pop into Global Contact Store.

Join Rachelle for a day of self discovery as you birth your own crystal infused sacred Medicine Drum. The Academy's hides are sacred and superior quality, all tanned in a sacred space with old Native Prayers. Choose from a Deer, Goat or Kangaroo hide for your Drum.

Each hide is infused with the magical properties of the crystal kingdom, enhancing its vibration. Rachelle will take you through a ceremony to enhance your connection with the hide and lead you in creating and birthing your very own Medicine Drum. Your drum will empower you with each beat upon completion, and awaken you to the spirit within.

Rachelle is committed to providing you with the best authentic medicine tool which will carry YOUR energy and intent throughout and after the birthing process.

Birthing your Drum:

Awaken to the deep knowledge of working with the Sacred Healing Medicine of the Drum. Discover your own innate Shamanic Wisdom allowing you to connect to the ancient art of weaving and creating this Sacred Medicine tool.
Allow yourself to be chosen and guided by the hide of the Sacred Animal that has given itself for this creation so that a new life can be birthed from the old.
The Sacred Animal and its spirit is honoured through deep Shamanic Ceremony and the infusion of Sacred Herbs, Waters, Crystals, Divine Love and Gratitude.
The Drum is a Sacred Medicine tool created to connect us back to ourselves, the rhythm of our own heart beat and the heartbeat of Mother Earth.
The Drum beat is the first sound we hear upon our creation within the womb. When we play or hear the beating of the Drum it guides us to this sacred place, the womb of the Mother-the ultimate resting place where we connect, heal, balance and nurture our selves connecting deeply to our own heart.
Each drum is infused with divine crystal energy.

Rachel Charman

What to bring:

- Small peice of flat wood as a base to punch the holes into your skin.
- Hammer.
- Water to drink.
- Plate of lunch to share (meat okay).
- Towel.
- Water Spray Bottle (to keep drum wet).
- 4 x cloths pegs (3 of one color and 1 of another). 

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