Lucy Cavendish 31 March - 3 April 2017

Lucy is back!


Lucy Cavendish


Last year Lucy's workshop and reading were sold out. For those who missed out on seeing her at the end of last year - now is your chance. If you were lucky enough to attend her workshop last time you have the perfect opportunity to expand upon your knowledge by attending "The Adept" workshop.

Learn to read Oracle Cards 

Become an Intuitive Oracle (Part One)


Lucy Cavendish

Saturday 1 April - 10am to 4pm . Berry .

Cost: $150*. Early bird: $108* (Pay by 20 February)

*Pre Purchase from Global any 2 of Lucy’s Products & pay only $88.

  • Join Lucy for a day of joyous insight and intuitive development.
  • Become confident in giving accurate readings.
  • Develop and deepen your own intuitive gifts.

More about the workshop:

A few words from Lucy:

"Do you wish to be mentored through one of the great Oracular arts? To become confident in giving accurate readings of insight, support, compassion and joy? Develop and deepen your own intuitive gifts? Then join me for this beautiful day of joyous insight and intuitive development."

Join bestselling author and oracle Lucy Cavendish for an inspiring day exploring the history, traditions, and modern-day world of the Oracle card reader. Lucy has created powerful decks for you to enjoy and work with, and this is your opportunity to learn from Lucy in a supportive, creative and empowering environment. Bring along your Oracle cards, and learn how to deeply connect with them, and explore the beings and energies within your cards. You’ll learn about knowing your cards, understanding layouts, energetic techniques for protection and enhancement of your readings, and powerful, trusted ways to break through your barriers and shine. 

Lucy is dedicated to providing you with a grounded, joyous approach to this great Oracular tradition - you will laugh, explore, be challenged and come away with knowledge, confidence and more than a little wisdom!


Bookings: Direct on-line with Eventbrite (booking fee is extra)
                 Email phone Global Contact, or pop into the store.

*Please note: This day is dedicated to learning about Lucy’s Oracle Card decks.


The Adept (Part Two)

Sunday 2 April - 10am to 4pm . Berry .

Cost: $150

You’ve completed Part One of Become an Oracle Card Reader with Lucy Cavendish – and you’ve learned so much. Yet there is still so very much to explore and understand – advanced knowledge which will help you deepen your knowledge of the cards, allowing you to conduct insightful, compassionate and clear readings.

In Part Two we will continue our exploration of the decks, exploring more of their stories, their wisdom, and their energies, allowing you to bring wisdom, depth and a connected, true knowledge to your readings. Throughout this grounded, empowering workshop, Lucy will guide you into a skilled, aware way of reading.

Supportive and detailed, The Adept will offer you opportunities to develop a higher level of intuitive discovery, giving you a truly strong foundation and offering you a safe place to grow into your Oracular gifts.

Part Two includes:

  • Inspiring Oracular history.
  • The symbology within the Lucy Cavendish decks Lucy’s techniques on dissolving your fears Working through challenges and tricky situations.
  • Your deck, its history, energies, and wisdoms.
  • Relationships between cards.
  • Advanced spreads.
  • Timing techniques.
  • Reading with Deities, numbers and colours.
  • Creating your own spreads.
  • Tried and true clearing and protection techniques.
  • Developing the narrative – sharing the story in a meaningful, helpful way.

You will have the opportunity to ask questions throughout the class – if there is anything you have ever wondered about, this is your chance to ask Lucy personally.

Please bring a journal, a pen, and your Lucy Cavendish Oracle card decks.


Bookings: Direct on-line  with Eventbrite. (booking fee is extra)
                 Email , phone Global Contact or pop into the store

Lucy Cavendish Oracle Card decks covered in the workshop:

The Faery Forest          Shapeshifters 

The Faerytale Oracle          dragonflies 

Mermaids          Wisdom of the Faery

Vampires Oracle          Shadows Oracles



Personal Readings with Lucy

Friday 31 March & Monday 3 April. Cost: $150

Lucy's reading sold out quickly last  year - so if you feel the urge - book your place soon!

Bookings: Email , phone Global Contact or pop into the store 



About Lucy:

Lucy Cavendish is an internationally acclaimed spiritual author and intuition expert.
Lucy is an exciting, enchanting voice in the field of inspiration, noted for her breadth and depth of knowledge on sacred rites and sites, magickal history, folklore, alternative spiritual practices and intuitive traditions.

Lucy shares her knowledge and gifts to inspire intuitive people to break through their conditioning, open up to their potential, discover their own personal brand of genius and dare to live brave, bright, authentic lives. Lucy is about spirited self-development and her intuitive training embraces both our shadows and our light, and in person and in her publications she is remarkable for her vision, compassion, wisdom, and insight.

Lucy lectures and teaches around the world - her books and oracle card decks are available in many languages

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