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Lucy Cavendish Workshop Magic


Day One - The Magick & the Mysteries of Avalon

Saturday 2 June - 10am to 4pm - Berry

Avalon, the magickal isle of Celtic legend, is no myth.

During this workshop, you will be guided by Lucy through a series of rituals, journeys and meditations created to connect you with the timeless craft of the Holy Celtic isle.

There is a Lady of the Lake, great earth teachings and blessings which have been preserved for thousands of years, kept alive in order to be passed on today. If you feel the call of Avalon, this ancient magick and healing energy may be living in your heart, your blood, your ancestry. Now is the time for you to reactivate this unique knowledge and true wisdom of Avalon.

Join Lucy Cavendish for a workshop overflowing with the teachings and the old ways of the Druids, Priestesses, Faery folk, Deities and Morgens of Avalon.

During this workshop, we will experience:

  • A trance-journey to meet the Lady of the Lake, Merlin and Morgan le. Fey.
  • Cerridwen's cauldron—a ritual to release that which holds you back.
  • Discover the Avalonian Goddess energies, and have the opportunity to ask these beings your questions.
  • Receive a powerful activation of Avalonian energy to awaken her power within you.
  • Discover of the sacred power animals of Avalon.
  • Experience the dragons, the unicorns, and other amazing elementals of Avalon.

Cost: $150* Early bird $135 (Book & pay by April 1)

          Book on-line or phone Global Contact.


Day Two - Foundations  of Practical Magick

Sunday 3 June - 10am - 4pm - Berry 

This in-depth workshop is a clear and invaluable opportunity to be guided, step by step, through the foundations of working with natural magickal practices.

Do you wish to be able to conduct your own rituals, spells, meditations and journeys? Do you wish to learn more of the principles and practices of magick – and understand lunar lore, the wheel of the year, deities, rites of passage, divination and much more?
If you do, it is important to understand what you are working with, and how to work safely and effectively.

Lucy will share with you the principles and practices that will see you develop confidence, grow your skills, have plentiful breakthrough moments. These magickal foundations can be used to focus on your own path and personal interests, and will reward you for many years to come.

By working with this tried and tested and extremely trustworthy series of laws, you will be working with safe, ethical, powerful magick that can be use in your day to day to create good fortune, stronger connections to the earth and to the deities, bringing peace, purpose and a strong and grounded approach to your magickal practice:

  • Energy.
  • Cycles.
  • Lunar Lore.
  • Magickal laws.
  • How to cast a circle.
  • Spellcrafting and casting.
  • Ritual, rites of passage, blessings.
  • Clearings, curse-lifting, banishings.
  • Ethics.

Cost: $150* Early bird $135 (Book & pay by April 1)

          Book on-line or phone Global Contact

*Special offer: Book to attend both workshops & receive a free Lucy Cavendish Journal.


Personal Readings with Lucy (1 hour)

Friday 1 June & Monday 4 June - Berry 

Cost: $170   Phone  Global Contact to book your session. (Book soon - Lucy's resonal readings are very popular)

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