Passionate Purpose Pow Wow

Sacred Pow Wow


Sacred War Council for Love

A Pow-Wow for Passionate Purpose & Peace on Earth

It’s time…

our loving Tribe gathers to get blissed & blessed with Oracle Goddess

Alana Fairchild. 

Alana Fairchild


  • A gathering for music, meditation, spiritual guidance, healing ritual and divine play.
  • Learn how to out-smart dark forces & deal with negativity effectively by strengthening your divine connection to Light, Love and Wisdom.      
  • Open to being the light in the world according to your own unique talents and purpose.

And then… 

let’s Walk the Luminous inner reality of Our Spiritual lives to the streets.


Saturday 13 May 10am - 3pm


Cost: Early Bird- $108  (ends Fri. 7 April)

         From 8 April- $128

Bookings: Phone (02) 4464 2121, email or visit us at the store. 

                Book on-line   (booking fee is additional)


More about this special day:

A message from Alana -

This conscious gathering for music, meditation, spiritual guidance, healing ritual and divine play is a Sacred War Council for Love.

Learn how to out-smart dark forces, deal with negativity effectively through strengthening your divine connection to light, love and wisdom, and boost your confidence and courage to live your truth. This is about being the light in the world according to your own unique talents and purpose. It’s about taking the luminous inner reality of your spiritual life to the streets. 

We can accomplish so much with prayer and meditation, more than most people realise, yet there is a next step which unfolds from a powerful spiritual connection internally. We join forces to create consciousness, clarity and courage for what that next step is for each of us, encouraging, inspiring, uplifting each other. We learn work smarter rather than harder. We find the way that is graceful rather than filled with struggle. We transform hope into unconditional trust and we leave despair, doubt and confusion behind us. 

Humanity is going through initiation, it’s a state of spiritual emergency which we have the power to transform. The spiritual crisis can lead to healing. What is happening in the world now, with our contribution, can actually be what pushes the human race forward. We can create this for each other if we choose. We have the power and the wisdom to do it. 
Join the loving rabble-rousing as we jump on board the divine transmission of the Wesak Festival, when the outpouring of divine light from Christ and Buddha is amplified. In that magic we invite Kuan Yin, Tara and more unconditionally loving, kick-ass rebellious divine helpers of humanity to work through us, into an extraordinary, alchemical divine creation.

Men and women who are willing to show up for divine connection and simply be in the process of the day will gain so much. I warmly invite you to listen to your heart and join us. 


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