Rachelle Charman

Rachelle Charman

Crystal Shamanism Workshop

(Accredited & Certified)

Sunday 29 & Monday 30 May . 10am - 4 pm . Berry .

Cost: $440*
*Special Offer: $380 if you pre purchase from Global Rachelle’s book, cards & CD.

Awaken to the organic flow of the Earth & your shamanic wisdom within.

Experience and connect to the sacred medicine of the Earth as you learn the tools to integrate this knowledge into your daily life.

Experience through this workshop:

  • A sacred ceremony to activate and awaken your inner shamanic wisdom.
  • Be guided on a powerful healing meditation into a crystal cave deep within the earth Learn what Shamanism is in today society.
  • Participate in a sacred cleansing ceremony working with herbs and crystals Learn the basics of crystals, cleansing, programming and connecting to the crystal kingdom.
  • Activate the essence and power of your crystals. Understand the medicine of the earth and her power tools.
  • Discover and journey to the three worlds of Shamanism and the crystals that assist in connecting us to each realm.
  • Connect to your crystal power totem Learn how to facilitate crystal soul retrieval process Experience a Mother Earth walk to discover your power tool and gift from the earth.
  • Allow yourself to be taken on a sacred drum journey to discover your animal spirit guide and blow it’s spirit into your crystal to enhance your connection.
  • Trance drum journey to the moon to receive healing and guidance. Learn how to retrieve a power animal or Crystal Spirit for other to assist in healing
  • Finish your day in shamanic dance ritual as you dance and integrate your animal spirit guide into your physical body and your crystal.

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