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31 October 10 - 4 pm



Jane Ewins

 Jane Ewins

Cost:  $120 

Join Jane  for a day of information, exploration and bursts of fun.

The day is dedicated to help you:

  • experience more joy and contentment in your life,
  • understand why you sometimes feel “blocked” and ways to get “unblocked”,
  • feel more “at home” with yourself and in the company of others,
  • understand what you want to do and be in life (whether you’re 20 something or well into the second half of your life)
  • let go of old destructive habits
  • deal with challenging situations
  • find out who you really are!

Today more than ever people are struggling with the many pressures of day to day living - work, health, money, children, ageing parents, negative news and people, social media bombardment, politicians behaving badly - the list goes on.

In the busy-ness and business of life we can feel overwhelmed, tired and frankly - sometimes feel like giving up and/or wondering what’s going on? We can feel like we’ve lost ourselves.

You might be thinking “Something’s got to change - but where do you start?”

Jane’s answer to that question is:

“Start where you are - by uncovering who you REALLY are - then the fun begins - as your life starts changing - from the inside out.

Once we begin to uncover our real self we still have challenges  but, as Eckhart Tolle says, "suffering becomes optional." "

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book on-line: https://uncover-the-real-you-workshop-berry.eventbrite.com.au

About Jane:
Since moving to near Berry from Sydney almost a decade ago Jane has focussed her energies on consulting, coaching and counselling individuals and small businesses. (She is a professionally trained counsellor.)

In Sydney Jane worked in both the Corporate and Community Sectors in management, marketing and consulting positions for 20+ years.

Jane has experienced the ups and downs of life and understands first hand that it is the challenges and “suffering” that we experience which provide us with the opportunity to find out who we really are - and what is truly important in life (and for her it’s not what she used to think!).

Jane’s understanding of how life works has been deepened by studying with spiritual teacher Eckhart Tolle at various retreats around the world over the past 3 years.

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