Andrew Harvey here in June


12 & 13 June 2014 in Berry

Son of Man: The Authentic Christ

Thurs 12 June 3pm – 6pm (More details below)

Rumi & Kabir – The Sacred Poets

Fri 13 June 10am – 1pm (More details below)

$60  per talk.

Berry Uniting Church Hall, 69 Albert St, Berry  

"Andrew knows the terrain of the birthing of Christ consciousness in a way that few others do. Because of his scholarly depth and personal experience, there is perhaps no more articulate, passionate, and perceptive teacher to lead people on this journey."
The Shift Network   

SON OF MAN- The Authentic Christ

Andrew Harvey shares a vision of Christ based on his own extensive
historical research and 25 years of immersion in Gnostic Gospels and
Christian mystical texts. This is a vision of Jesus as the Son of Man;
humanity's supreme mystical revolutionary and sacred activist. The Son of
Man who is not intent on being worshipped and creating a church, but a Son
of Man who achieved a new and intimate relationship with the Transcendent
and who created a template for all humanity to follow. A Son of Man who
sought to galvanize others to claim their own divine identity and its
all-embracing love consciousness, to act with its power and passion for
justice and for the transformation of institutions and conditions that are
no longer life giving to the world.

RUMI & KABIR: The Sacred Poets

Andrew Harvey is an expert on mystical poetry and spiritual mysticism. His
deep love and reverence of Divine poets: Kabir and Rumi's transcendent
poetry, as well as his depth of understanding and ability to open up this
Divinely potent artistry to people, makes this workshop a powerful
transformation of consciousness awakening participants to true surrender
and Divine connection.

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