Women's Intensive weekend

Women's Spirituality
& Power
April 26-27. 2014
with Lucy Baker

Lucy was "sold out" last time she was in Berry. Due to popular demand for her return  Lucy is coming back for a whole weekend!

Weekend Intensive in Berry*
10am - 4pm Sat & Sun

Weekend Intensive Fee  $295*

Includes each participant receiving 3 Lucy Baker CDs of her choice.
*Venue to be advised. Does not include meals or accommodation.

Do you feel called to attend?

Read on - it will help you decide:

Who you are is a fraction of who you are supposed to be.
Women's lives flow in 3 Trimesters. 
- First is when you are ‘owned’ by your parents, and learn how to & how not to live life. 
- Second is all about how you are in relationship to your self and others. 
- Third is all about You, your creative path, your highest purpose, your connection to inspiration.

Wherever you are on your journey, now may be the time to learn how to:

  •     drop your drama
  •     discover your personal frequency
  •     develop intuitive prowess
  •     map your life's journey
  •     magnetise abundance in all its forms
  •     deepen your wisdom
  •     remember crucial life cycles
  •     create functional relationships
  •     become your own life partner
  •     heal your inner child
  •     activate your leadership
  •     and more!

About Lucy

Lucy Baker is an Australian-based psycho-spiritual hypnotherapist and Women's self-development teacher who brings her unique blend of spirituality, psychic, shamanic and transformational skills to every workshop, in a grounded,  simple way. The author  'The Yoga of Relationship', Lucy has empowered women across the globe, from Mumbai to San Francisco, London to Canberra - and this workshop represents the ultimate package for those who wish to get  “her best” of the following teachings:

The Inner Child
Your inner child, a part of you that never grows old, is the most important. Without her being exuberant, self-accepting, having fun for no reason and expressing her connection to joy, everything else in your life will be a shadow of its potential.
Soulmate Attraction
you will learn how to transform yourself, raise your vibrational state so you can first become the partner you want, and change the mirror out there beyond you.
Intuitive Training
Women are naturally intuitive , yet it's easy to ignore your inner knowing in favour of mental knowledge. Learn from a psychic medium how to connect with your Higher Self, meet your team of Guides, reunite with loved ones in Spirit and learn how to stay intuitive so that you can live your life in a fully sixth sensory way!
Money Magnetism
Women are often fantastic at giving, but lousy at receiving! Learn how to increase your state of abundance in all its forms, how to manifest almost immediately, develop your knowledge of energy and how it works, cleanse the chakras, delve into hypnojouneys to access wealth and make this your most prosperous year to date.
Life Cycles
It's invaluable to know your life cycles, when to act, and when to wait. Learn what year of your nine-year cycle you are in, decode your name to discover your Purpose, find out about the four year 'tunnel of doom', and understand the cycles of the moon and how to work with Luna.

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