Chakra Balance Healing Sessions


Chakra Reading Antonietta Gomez


Antoniette Gomez

(40 minute individual session.)


Antoniette Gomez

Antoniette Gomez

Antoniette is author and creator of Chakra Mindset and founder of W-School.

Cost: $100.

August 18 (Friday) & August 20 (Sunday).

During the session you will have the opportunity to explore the current state of your chakras, identify any limiting beliefs that may be causing blockages, and identify specific areas of focus.

You will  receive a chakra balance and healing and some action steps for you to continue working on your chakras, in your own time to achieve long term benefits and balance, these will include practical activities, crystal and oil recommendations as well as individual mantras and affirmations.

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You may like to attend Antoniette's workshop:

Happiness through Intention 


During this workshop best-selling author Antoniette Gomez will guide you to release the blocks that are stopping you from achieving the things that you long for most.

August 19 (Saturday) 10am - 3pm


Cost: $88*.

*Special Offer: Pre purchase from Global Contact any 2 of Antoniette’s products & come for $44.

Are you ready to transform your life?

Join us to explore how you can tap into the energy of intention and the energy of the Chakras to create your ideal reality.
All change is driven by intention and you can choose to turn fear into faith and live a divinely guided life.
Imagine the freedom you will feel when you learn to let go the need for perfection and ease into a sense of certainty and freedom, stop chasing life and start to truly live.
Feel the swell of energy, love and acceptance move through you as you find and tap into your inner strength.
Unleash your divine personal power and you will soon discover that happiness and wellbeing starts with intention.

Bookings: To take up the special offer - visit our store or phone us to purchase your products.
                 On-line booking 
You can book on line at the regular price ($88 plus booking fee).

Antoniette's products:

Calendar, Chakra Book, Journal and Oracle Cards.

Antoniette Gomez Calandar  Antoniette Gomez Chakra


Antoniette Gomez Journal    Antoniette Gomez Oracle Cards


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