A time to Breakdown or Breakthrough?

We came across an article and video by Stephen Dinan – founder and President of The Shift Network.

We found them both provoking & inspiring & wanted to share it with you. If you are feeling an urge to change what and/or how you are “doing” life we think you will find it particularly relevant  & even more so if you are a “leader” .

Here is the article:

“Covid-19 is the most dramatic “black swan” event to hit humanity in decades, leading to unprecedented economic shocks and real suffering. Like any crisis, it can lead to a breakdown on the other side… or a breakthrough.

The first phase of navigating this crisis has necessarily focused on preventing more damage through social isolation and protecting frontline workers. But now, as we begin the slow and tentative process of releasing the social distancing, hopefully not too fast, I think our attention should be on how we can turn this time into a breakthrough — a positive Shift for humanity rather than simply a tragedy for us to get beyond.

Can we use this as a time to accelerate our turn to sustainable energy? Locally-grown food and resilient communities? Can we use this opportunity to reform our justice system? Can we revitalize our democracy and reform our health care?

Whenever we engage in a spiritual retreat, we remove ourselves from our old habits — and a new interior landscape opens up. On a vision quest, we remove social engagement, and often even food and water in order to access a better, deeper, and wiser vision for our lives.

So what is the vision of the world that we want to create and how can this crisis propel us towards it? That is where my focus is now turning, and we’ve invited articles and showcased visionaries in this issue who are lighting the way forward.

Yes, we need to respect that not everyone’s circumstances allow bold thinking right now. A lot of us are struggling to survive on a basic level.

But can this propel us forward? Can this propel us to launch new, innovative businesses that help to heal the world? Can it propel shifts towards more remote work, more natural living, and more vibrant lifestyles?

I believe the answer is yes. And if there’s a critical mass of us dedicated to shifting our world forward out of this crisis, we may well look at this time as a moment not of dying collectively but of birthing a new possibility for the world.

I also encourage you to watch the recording of my State of the Shift address, which I do every May.”

Here is the video (39 mins).