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Global Contact Bookstore sits upon the traditional land of the Yuin people and we acknowledge and pay our respects to them as the traditional owners.

About Global Contact Bookstore

Our physical Store is again open 7 days / week. 10am – 4pm.


on orders of $50 or more.

Flat $8 delivery charge for orders under $50.

Australia wide. Not applicable to overseas orders.

You can phone, email or buy on-line.  You can also pick up your on-line purchase. Free gift-wrapping available.


Affectionately known as ‘Global Contact’, we are South Coast’s NSW broadest metaphysical and self-help bookstore.

When you step inside it’s a bit like entering the Tardis machine in Dr Who; you never know how you’ll meet your next spirited adventure… where your soul wants you to travel… or where you’ll find yourself next!

However, frivolity aside, we are more than ‘just a bookstore’!

Our desire is to inspire, nurture, enlighten and evolve mind, body, spirit… by offering carefully selected products including:
• Crystals, precious jewellery and soulful gifts
• Events and workshops
• Personal readings and healing sessions

Our deepest yearning is for every human being to be able to explore the widest scope to reach the full potential of their Intellectual and Intuitive Self, understand and attain their own purpose & meaning of life – their own absolute truth – their own freedom of spirit and soul!

So take the journey towards your heart’s desire…your spirit awaits and here you’ll find love!

Metaphysical & Self Help Bookstore south Coast NSW | Global Contact Berry NSW

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Patsy – Purnima

As long as I can remember I questioned! I longed! I yearned! I imagined! And it is this ‘I’ that has evolved to see we are ALL evolving to express the all-encompassing oneness of love!

I’m privileged, blessed and honoured to be the custodian of Global Contact Bookstore. My joy is being a part (and a witness so to speak) of serving those who are wanting to evolve many of life’s constraints and sufferings, to a place and space that opens their own hearts and minds.

My passionate desire is for Global Contact to open a doorway, window, gate or pathway that evokes a truth that we are all far more than we ‘think’ we are! …Beyond the beyond so to speak; toward our own unique wildest imaginings!



The people I work with and the people I meet every day at Global Contact are the reason I love being part of the team. The environment at Global Contact is, without doubt, the most nurturing, encouraging, inspiring I have ever worked in. Patsy and Trish are such awesome women. Patsy encourages me to grow in knowledge, confidence and creativity, and to step outside my comfort zone knowing I am supported. About me is a bit harder, a work in progress….. A perpetual learner, a good listener, patient, love a good book, comedy movie, the beach, animals, cooking for fun and for love.

Donna Barry Therapist Healing with Feeling | Global Contact Berry


Every time I walk into Global Contact I feel, in equal measures – peaceful and excited. Somehow, when searching for an answer, inspiration or a gift – it always seems to pop up and say “here I am”. Having benefited so much from what Global Contact has to offer, I am delighted to be a part of the team. I love being able to help others connect and feel inspired to express their best self. You won’t see me in the store much however, I hang out in the online world!

Read more about Jane’s role as a Wellbeing & Spiritual Coach

Jane Ewins Therapist Wellbeing & Spiritual Coach

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