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Risking Wonderful

The art of living inside-out.
Meanderings of story and spirit to inspire and dare you: be You.

Author: Cal Móre

If you’re feeling like the life you are living isn’t fully “you”. If you feel that something is holding you back or you just don’t “fit in”. If the path you find yourself on doesn’t feel like it is heading in the the right direction – but you’ve kept traveling down it anyway –  we encourage you to read Cal’s book, and be inspired to risk wonderful!

Cal has had more than a few challenges in her life, including surviving the Cobargo (NSW) fires earlier this year. Her book is beautiful, honest and reflective. As you read Cal’s stories and reflections you will likely find yourself reflecting on your own journey and the messages and transformative opportunities for you to “risk” living a more wonder-filled life.

We asked Cal a few questions:

Who do you feel can benefit from reading the book?

Anyone who has ever felt the need to hide their authentic self… (perhaps imprisoned within the straight-jacket of black-and-white worldviews, or a beige one-size-fits-all conformity; or fear; or secrecy and silence)… I hope my words encourage you to find your own voice: to hide no more!

Anyone who would benefit from a bit of positivity, affirmation and inspiration.

 Why  did you feel the urge to write it?

I spent a lot of my life not really being me. A half-life in many ways. I wrote this book to save others some time: some life!

I have been greatly encouraged by the stories of people who have shared similar questions and struggles to me, and somehow ‘got to the other side’. I wanted my stories to provide that same sort of encouragement for others: to model  true colours shining; fear turned to freedom; inside-out and being ok…

I wanted the stories, illustrations and layout of the book to be a creative collaboration that mirrored and modelled my move from fear to courage; compromise to authenticity; ‘independence’ to community; black-and-white to rainbow.

How do you think the message in the book applies, regarding the events that have and continue to unfold this year?

What an extraordinary year 2020 is proving: not just here in Australia, but all around this planet we share as ‘home’.

For me, many ‘events’ of this year – Eg. bushfires, BLM and Climate Change protests, Covid-19, speak of imbalance. They remind me (as does Risking Wonderful) of the need for harmony within the wonderful web-of-life we (and all others) embody.

Perhaps our Covid-19 lockdown experiences might  alert us to the ways we unconsciously live like this at other times… locked deep within ourselves… and so help to bring us to a greater sense of connection and consciousness?

If Risking Wonderful has just one message for readers – this or any year, it is simply this:

Be your wonderful self!

For the Community-of-Life can never be whole, without the whole of you!

About Cal:

Cal is an author-poet, who is passionate about LIFE in all its wonderful diversity! Her writings are an attempt to translate life into language, spirit into sentences, mystery into meaning, wings into words…

Previously working in Environmental Education and Pastoral (Spiritual) Care, Cal is now enjoying the riches of a slower, simpler life – and is grateful to have time for reflection, writing, walking on the beach, gardening, and restoring her 100-year-old home.

“Here, I am learning that the most important things in life are not things. I am finding my authentic self, spirit, place, voice, home – in community with All-that-is. I hope that you will too!” Cal Móre.

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