september, 2019

201914sep6:00 pm7:30 pmOpen Minds - Guest speaker - Dr. Catherine Wilkins. Here's cheers!Getting to know your best friend - intuition.6:00 pm - 7:30 pm est Past Event - Berry . NSW . Australia

Event Details

The aim of our Open Minds guest speaker series is to:

~ Open hearts
~ Provoke discernment 
~ Evoke insightful change   
~ Nurture awareness

Our guest speaker for September is:

Dr. Catherine Wilkins

Renowned as a medical intuitive and holistic therapist, Dr Catherine has guided thousands to develop their conscious intuitive logic.

Her latest book is called

The Soul’s Brain.

How this works?

Pre-purchase “The Soul’s Brain” ($25.00) online or in-store before 11 September and that’s your ticket in! 

Here’s cheers!

Enjoy a free glass of wine /San Pellegrino mineral water and cheese/nibbles while listening to the talk.

What do we ask you to bring?

Your book receipt (which is your ticket) and of course an “open mind”!

About the talk:

Getting to know the Best Friend you never knew you had – your intuition.

Your intuition:

~ Is the best friend you’ve always had but haven’t always known.
~ Always supports you, as a best friend will always support you.
~ May not show you the truth of the world but it’ll always show you your truth and what will help you thrive.
~ Is an in-built part of your system. (Like breathing, it’s always been there, you’re always doing it but often to do it truly effectively you have to practice a bit.)
~ Is always working to let you know what will work for you
~ Will also show you how to do things so it works best for you – so you can do your thing your way.
~ Is your authenticity system. It makes creating a truly fulfilling and supportive life easier and much more graceful.

About the book:

Break through old patterns of boredom and lack of fulfilment to uncover your most brilliant life, by understanding the neurology and logic of your intuition.

The Soul’s Brain takes you step by step through the nine-step process to conscious intuition. It shows you how to trust your brilliance, the key to your full potential. It reveals how tuning into your intuition is a skill like any other—all it takes is a bit of knowledge and a lot of practice. Science and spirituality finally have a common language. You no longer need to choose between science and intuition. You can now use both together to achieve vastly more than you ever dreamed possible.

About Dr. Catherine:

Dr. Catherine Wilkins’ commitment to finding a sure path from the pressures of everyday life to the expansive joy of living our greatest potential took her through veterinary and chiropractic degrees into a deep exploration of functional neurology with its links to our energetic systems. For nearly thirty years she’s been developing and teaching her unique system, called Fractology, transforming the lives of clients and students. Renowned as a medical intuitive and holistic therapist, she’s guided thousands to develop their conscious intuitive logic and balance the left and right sides of their brain. Witnessing the resulting expansion of their lives is a testament to her work. You can access her powerful teachings at www.

What leading speaker & author Dr John Demartini says:

“Congratulations on attempting to tackle the hard problem or challenge of the soul/intuition/mind/brain neuroscience. Your book is filled with thought provoking insights that will bring our inner selves outward to new transcendent levels.”
Dr John Demartini – Author of The Breakthrough Experience


(Saturday) 6:00 pm - 7:30 pm est


Past Event - Berry . NSW . Australia


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