Mala beads: what are their uses and benefits?

Our 108 beaded malas, created with rudraksha seeds &/or genuine gemstones, assist in awakening the individual spirit: our true nature; bringing liberation to the soul!

All mala purchases come with the Mala of Love: 108 Luminous Poems book, valued at $36. This book is our gift for you to help deepen your intimate connection to divine love….your true self….your soul! A rare gem of a book which will become one of your wise, lifelong companions of the heart, its every word, every bead, possesses the power to make your heart ring like a bell. 

What are mala beads?

108 beaded malas are used mainly in meditation, prayer or mindful spiritual practices as a tool to help focus the mind on a mantra in sets of 108 repetitions.

Why 108 beads?

The number 108 is symbolically known as the highest vibrational universal number sequence, guiding an individual to connect to their spirit & their eternal knowing self which comes from practices by Hinduism, the Upanishads and modalities relating to marma points: sacred places on the body.

Who uses malas and why?

Mala beads have been used from as early as the 10th century and traditionally made of bhodi seeds, animal bones and rudraksha seeds known as the ‘Tears of Shiva’ along with the more contemporary mala designs which are created with exquisite precious gemstone beads. Rudraksha seeds are sacred and the oldest known prayer bead in the world.

A mala string of 108 beads, with one bead as the ‘head bead’, called either a ‘sumeru’ or ‘guru bead’, are known as ‘Buddhist rosaries’ with a meaning known to ‘open the eyes’ for the purpose of achieving enlightenment.

Can you give me more info on mala necklaces?

Our lives are more than ‘mind’ and using your mala to focus and redirect your mind on a single pointed task, in sets of 108, helps to quiet and settle the erratic mind. Settling the mind allows a ‘witnessing’ of the overthinking mind, raising a conscious state of awareness ultimately bringing to you calm, clarity & finally peace.

A mala always helps us remember, amidst our daily duties and obligations what our purpose is and that we are spiritual beings have an earthly experience.

We also recommend to wear your mala whenever you want connection with your highest self, for any rite-of-passage life experience, as a conscious raising experience or simply for their own unique meaning and blessing…….it’s worth the vibe!

Why would I choose Global Contacts malas?

All our exquisite malas are created with the finest rudraksha seeds, gemstones, genuine crystals, various woods and pearls are intuitively created to transmit their own unique vibration to awaken awareness of spirit bringing the ultimate liberation.

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