What types of therapists are there?

There are many types of therapists. Some of the most common types of therapists are:

  • Counsellors (including Psychologists)
  • Body Workers
  • Intuitive Guides /Readers

Counsellors and psychologists

Counsellors and psychologists focus primarily on talking things through with you – and help you look at alternative viewpoints and come up with strategies to move forward. Over the last decade or so more are integrating mindfulness and spirituality into the work they do. They are usually professionally trained and accredited.

Body Workers

Body Workers focus on tapping into the intuitive knowledge in the body to clear blockages and improve energetic flow. There is much less talking involved.

Intuitive Guides / Readers

Intuitive Guides / Readers access their own intuition either directly or through the use of a physical medium for example (but not limited to) cards, palm of your hand, eyes, an object you own etc. Guides and readers tend to provide you with information and insight that you have not been to access yourself. It is up to you to choose how to use that information. Unlike counselling – you do not usually work with the Guide/Reader to determine strategies.

We have a small list of therapists whom people have recommended to us.

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