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I Am LOve 

by Patsy Griffiths, custodian of Global Contact Bookstore

I need to remind myself daily about LOve & felt so might you.

The most beautiful miracle in my evolutionary path at present is the daily experiences that express LOve. I keep opening my awareness to life’s LOve-Vibration. Much of the time I now align with LOve’s flow. At present continuous LOve miracles occur.

At present I’m Graced with places, faces and spaces that reveal this pure LOve. At present I receive surprises of LOve. At present synchronised experiences reveal LOve in action and this fascinates me. LOve shows itself everywhere.

As I write this, I also observe saboteur thoughts arising: “You can’t write this. Many people are suffering and they don’t need or want to hear about your love bubble”. Next, the old “addiction” to fear-of-harm thought arises: “The minute you tell others those ‘love’-tables will turn.” And finally a victim-thought, “It won’t last”.

I thank the LOve-Life (soul, true self, presence are words I could also use) in me for my Rebellion that is not interested any more to hold on and MAKE REAL such thoughts.

LOve exists in every single atom and molecule there is. I thank the spirit in me that connects to the spirit in amazing writers like Marianne Williamson, Eckhart Tolle, Anthony Strano, Sarah Ban Breathnach, Elif Shafak, Robert Holden and Mark Nepo to name a few. And I thank my LOve-Life for choosing to experience help from teachers, authors, shamans and alchemists like Lucy Baker, Alana Fairchild, Mel Browne, Lucy Cavendish and the exquisite voice of Georga Carr, who assist me to unravel and release thought forms that trap and disempower the LOve coming through. Now I have a new habit – remembering what is already within me……LOve.

Other Divine beings like Andrew Harvey sharing about Rumi and Sacred Activism burned a yearning in me to wake up more LOving ideas and put them into action. LOve is not intellectual and yet it can express itself through a smart-thinking, wise mind. Daily (and more than once a day) I ask LOve to reveal itself. I then watch, listen and merge with its ever presence.

I choose to Accept the discomfort of my emotional state and physical pain and move toward my wonderment of LOve, asking and directing my body to Relax when running recycled habitual patterns of perpetuating self harm. I then open to Compassion toward those who “disrespected” me (including myself) as I release tears . Actions, either intentional and non intentional, open deep feelings of hurt and LOve directs me to remember my (and every-one’s) innate Value. Kindness emerges from me and is received from sentient beings around me, which leads me to again Trust. I trust my soul’s growth and that its capacity to connect me with places, spaces and faces that keep teaching me deeper levels and aspects of LOve.

An alchemical magic happens… awareness that I am LOve. I open and allow and then see LOve revealing itself again and again and again. And that is Intimacy with and in life itself.

I am deeply grateful to you all for your continuous support and the insights we share at Global Contact. And to all those Spiritual Detectives, thanks again for your wisdom and consistent relentless patience as we together unfold LOve.

As Jalladin Rumi says “let your teacher be love itself”.