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Julieanne Webster | Reiki Master

Julieanne has been practicing Reiki since 2005, completing all levels of Reiki in Usui Tibetan Reiki.

She has taught many workshops, initiating many students into the first, second and Master degrees of Usui Reiki. She has given countless treatments with wonderful success.

Julieanne is also a practitioner in Primetuning Through Muscle Testing (a specialized form of kinesiology ).

In her work she combines both her modalities with her extensive ‘real world’ experience with her spiritual knowledge and natural gifts of intuition to facilitate profound healing and transformational life shifts.

  • Rays of Love Workshop

    16 February 2019

    @Global Contact Bookstore

    This workshop focuses on the seven chakra points within the body. We examine what each chakra colour represents and their various connections to Mother Earth. We will work with the energy of each colour and chakra to reconnect to Self and step int