Lindy Clifton | Illumination & Healing, Kinesiologist

My passion is assisting people to heal and grow; to find their own deep connection with the Divine or to help this connection to flourish. I am also a Resolve Practitioner
 and Licensed Alana Fairchild Soul Guidance and Sacred Mentoring Practitioner

My passion is assisting people to heal and grow; to find their own deep connection with the Divine or to help this connection to flourish.

  • Do you suffer from anxiety? 

  • Do you suffer from physical pain?

  • Do you suffer from digestive or hormonal issues? 

  • Are you working through grief or loss? 

  • Have you experienced a recent breakdown in a relationship? 

  • Do you find yourself going over the same thoughts again and again?
Is your child experiencing learning difficulties or behavioural issues?

These are examples of situations which may be helped during one of my treatments.

How I work

As a qualified Kinesiologist I use tools to communicate with the client’s subconscious mind to reveal the underlying issues, traumas, conflicts and patterns of reaction which are preventing the client from recuperating. The issue may present as physical symptoms yet there is always an underlying imbalance in the mental and/or emotional aspects and/or belief systems which needs resolving so that the body then has the energy to heal itself.

Yet the client’s priority may be to heal on a much deeper level – that of the Soul. This is where attending a Workshop or having a private session using Alana Fairchild’s Soul Guidance and Sacred Mentoring processes may achieve the shift in energy and/or understanding that is needed to release the body’s innate healing capacity. These processes are incredibly powerful and use one of:
 Ascended Masters; Crystal Angels; Goddesses; or Goddess Isis as the means of connecting with the Divine to create powerful transformations.

Both methods of resolving imbalances lead to wonderful outcomes for clients. All people can be helped – it is the degree of assistance which varies from person to person and which may also vary according to where the individual is on his/her healing journey.

I have been blessed with knowledge of the Universal Spiritual Laws from the age of 8. My father journeyed to England in the early 1970s to canvas well-known psychics and healers and convince them to come to Australia to share their knowledge. Experiencing spiritual healing first hand I well know the difference it made to my life. Thus, the seed was planted – perhaps one day I could develop such skills?

Years later I retrained and commenced a new chapter of my life – one where I feel blessed and privileged to share my knowledge and skills with others to assist them in whatever way they need.

About the sessions

Sessions: 1.5 – 2 hours duration
Kiama Downs Clinic – Face to Face
Skype/FaceTime/WhatsApp Sessions