Mudita Green | Sound for Healing Practitioner

Music is being increasingly recognised for its healing effects. Mudita uses her voice, a range of musical instruments and singing bowls (crystal & Tibetan) to assist individuals or groups.

Her musical creativity provides the “space” for others to experience relaxation, harmony, connectedness and healing.

Mudita has worked in the health-care field for the past 35yrs – in nursing, community & disability support.

A major illness  in 2012 was the catalyst for Mudita to pursue a deeper and ongoing path of self discovery leading her to explore alternative therapies including Lomi Lomi massage, yoga and Reiki and to practice a yogic lifestyle.

Mudita is also a singer/songwriter and Kiirtan player (singer of sacred song and peace chants) releasing her debut album  “love is all there is” in 2015.

Mudita’s passion is to help others find their own truth and experience harmony in life. Her professional training combined with the rich learnings of her own life, enable her to offer compassionate and gentle support and encouragement to others.


Phone: 61(0)415356697

Email: [email protected]