Oh that Hat!

by Patsy – Purnima Griffiths, custodian of Global Contact Bookstore



Once upon a Wear-Time
the Azure Dawn spoke to me
‘don’t go back to sleep today,
Wear this mighty Hat to Sea’.

A Passionate Hat
Once worn as a Life
by Sacred Shams Tabriz
The Rudder balanced at Form & Space
the Anchor ready to drop at Peace.

Longing’s compass set at LOve
navigating Sky and set to See,
Hafiz is always at my side
in these covid Wear-times,
Gazing out or looking up at Me.

Within this Hat
lined with purest writings,
softer than its silken threads
Is Wondrous wisdom
that’s oh-so-Sacred
Of ‘Our Friends’ teachings
tastier than sweet baked breads.

Daring me offerings of compassion
a deepening into Self Care
Revalue-ing many of brutal sufferings
Hearing truths, their Beauties
And a totality
of One-Aware.

Once in a Wear-time was a mighty Wind
A temptress teasing many to doubt
Showing a Mermaids Tail and Two
in those Souls who are crying out

Begging Enablers; ‘Please say No’
So finally Life Wills to be shown
Of their Worth….
their Divinity in flow
A Being set Free
And NEVER alone.

And OH those Wings of Shams’ Hat
Did Soar me upon a Zikkr flight
Casting this Heart to mirrored pieces
And into a Pink Twighlight

Understanding now why Kookaburras Laugh
as the night starts its awakenings.
Cackling a call : ’its time to dance’
The Lovers Embrace
Of ‘let go’ and ‘now receive’
All of ‘Grace-Forgivings’.

You Sea Sailors of Divinity Seeing
By the Moons LOve-songs
& Sun-Spirit Awakenings
Willingness can grow Tulip bulbs
in Golden chalices
From Rumi’s compost
And Imaginings.

And Yes sailing Shams’ Hat
a journey fit for this Persian Princess dreams
She can Birth seeings fortunate of a morning Star
Only If she awakes
at Azures-Dawn it seems.

Finally Embracing all with LOve
as a knowing of Victorious Mysteries
Our wanderings into all of Lifes Nature
Her Offerings
Her Wantings
Her Realigning
Her Burnings

Because Beloved…..She is a mighty Feast!