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A bundle of Inspiration – Gratitude, Light and Space. 2 card decks & journal

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Author: Various

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If you feel life is urging you forward – to review your life and find out why you are REALLY here – at this time and this place – we think this specially selected bundle of inspiration will be a great support.

Consisting of:

Gratitude Oracle Card Deck

This deck combines whimsy and wisdom to deepen your appreciation for the gifts of life to help you reduce worry, build resilience, know hope, and discover the joy available to you each day.

Tarot Of Light Card  Deck

Tarot is a path of self-knowing that unveils the mysteries that lie before and within us. The divine and loving messages within “The Tarot of Light” offer a balanced view of past, present and future, so your readings bring illumination, learning, insight, and direction for a brighter, lighter tomorrow.

Set includes 78 cards and a comprehensive 120-page guidebook.

Sacred Space Journal

Designed to be a sacred space for you to the plant seeds of your future creations; a place to collect your scattered thoughts, and express your heart’s deepest desires or your greatest worries. It can be a mirror that reflects your unique brilliance and the light and essence of your soul.
220 pages of cream-coloured premium quality wood-free paper, with a combination of lined and unlined pages with over 140 of pages featuring an inspirational quote or message. It also includes 44 full colour artwork reproductions.


Gratitude Oracle

Blessings and brilliance abound in this delightful offering from the bestselling creators of Whispers of Love, Whispers of Healing and Nature’s Whispers Oracle.

Tarot Of Light

The suits of the minor arcana have become Angels (Swords), Hearts (Cups), Stars (Wands), and Trees (Pentacles) to align with the themes that run through Toni’s work.

Sacred Space Journal

Over 140 of the pages feature an inspirational quote or message and the journal also includes 44 full colour artwork reproductions by Toni Carmine Salerno to inspire your creative expression.

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