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Australian Aboriginal Dreamtime Pack

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Our Aboriginal Dreamtime Pack includes extraordinary products of Australia’s Aboriginal teachings and their vast spiritual knowledge of the Dreamtime, 60,000 year old healing systems & invites us all to connect, heal and empower ourselves. Aboriginal Dreaming Totems have been used for thousands of years as a way of seeking advice and permission has been given to reveal these secret and sacred practices of Aboriginal Shamans inviting you to explore the Aboriginal Dreamtime within your own lifetime, sacredness and timeframe. Understanding Aboriginal medicine & Aboriginal culture on its own terms, begins a new dream of harmony, forgiveness and connection to land between our humanness and nature…human nature!

Aboriginal Men Of High Degree: Initiation and Sorcery in the World's Oldest Tradition

This book presents an extraordinary series of rites by which the young Aboriginal male begins the degrees of shamanic initiation - each marked by its own portion of esoteric knowledge.

Wise Women of the Dreamtime

This is a superb collection of myths & stories from Australian Aboriginal women, passed down through the generations by tribal storytellers for 60,000 years, & collated at the turn of the last century.

My People's Dreaming: An Aboriginal Elder Speaks on Life, Land, Spirit and Forgiveness

A rare, personal insight into the traditional teachings of an elder of the Yuin people (South Coast, NSW). Uncle Max provides simple & clear understandings into Aboriginal culture. 

Aboriginal Dreamtime Oracle Cards: 40 cards & booklet.

This set of cards was inspired by the stories of Australian Aboriginal people's Dreamtime & reflect the connection between the artist/author’s spirituality & her relationship with ancestors of the past. 

Aboriginal Dreamtime Totem Cards

Aboriginal Dreaming Totems have been used for thousands of years as a way of seeking advice. The dreaming totems provide the user with a means of analysing questions & seeking answers.

Secrets of Aboriginal Healing, New Edition

Secrets of Aboriginal Healing demonstrates how - against all odds - an ordinary human being can participate in their own healing process & move from extreme illness to high-level wellness.

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