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Cosmic Flow


Author: Nikki Strange

Cosmic Flow is an entrancing workbook, with activities, writing exercises and rituals that connect you with the natural cycles and energies of the moon.

Cosmic Flow is a practical and entrancing workbook that connects you with the natural cycles and energies of the moon and helps you manifest your dreams and intentions. It covers simple science, meditations and well-being rituals while you explore, log and track your monthly hopes and intentions. There are over 70 activities, including:

• Creating an altar

• Visualising your future

• Moon gazing

• Sanskrit chanting

• Moonlight planting

• Crystal tuning

• Affirmations

• Making a plan of action

• Clearing your headspace

• … and much more

While guiding you through the eight stages of the lunar cycle, award-winning artist Nikki Strange also offers a variety of drawing and writing prompts for self-reflection and cosmic creativity. With insightful activities and plenty of space for visual journalling, this precious book is a holistic reminder of how lunar connection can enlighten and enrich both our spiritual and physical lives.

Nikki Strange is an East London-based artist and designer who draws her inspiration from nature, spirituality and well-being. Her international brand is focused on meditation and wellness, cycles in nature and connecting to these cycles for self-development. 


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