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Crystal Medicine Oracle Cards

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Author: Rachelle Charman and Len Hibble

These sacred Crystal Medicine Cards work on all levels of your being; mind, body and spirit.

As you connect with these 33 magical cards you will be taken on a potent journey of self-empowerment and mastery. They invite you to deepen to the next level as they work with five different aspects of medicine, making them holistic in their application and approach.

Aligning such powerful medicine has allowed for the birthing of these compelling one-of-a-kind medicine cards. The first aspect of the cards is the oracle or essence of the card, which is then backed up by an ancient Earth medicine and crystal that aligns to the energy and meaning of each card. The gorgeous images have been channeled and infuse energy and medicine for the soul.

This deck is unique as it also offers a ceremony, which allows you to integrate and embody the energy for a deep and potent healing experience. All this comes with the beautiful colour booklet that offers an abundance of shamanic wisdom. 33 Circular Cards, 112pp Booklet.


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