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The Deepest Acceptance: Radical Awakening in Ordinary Life

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Author: Jeff Foster

So much of our lives are spent running―from pain, from vulnerability, and from everyday struggle. Jeff Foster understands that sense of pursuit.

After years of depression and illness, he came to realise that what he had been seeking had been available to him all along―he needed only to shed his resistance and step into the limitless ocean of the present moment.

In Jeff’s words, “The armour we wear to protect ourselves from the full experience of life does not really protect us―it just keeps us comfortably numb.”

In The Deepest Acceptance, Jeff provides readers with a series of insights intended to help strip away that armour and embrace life now, as it is and as you are.

This warm, humorous, and candid offering invites us to stop trying to “do” acceptance and start falling in love with “what has already been allowed.”


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