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Healing Powers of Essential Oils, The


Author: Jeremy Harwood

Essential oils—including peppermint, eucalyptus, rose, and tea tree—are nature’s ancient medicine, abundant with therapeutic effects.

The latest scientific research shows that many popular essential oils and aromatherapy can boost your health and well-being, adding years to your life! This fascinating guide gives you the down-to-earth scoop on the top twenty oils—all of which are budget-friendly and available year-round in everyday products at your grocery store, health food store, and online.

Learn how nature’s bouquet can help you: *Fight colds and stomach woes with medicinal eucalyptus and mint; slow the ageing process and lower your risk of cancer, heart disease, and depression with relaxing chamomile and lavender.

“Naturally enhance flavour in dishes for every season with sweet-smelling foods like Cinnamon Rolls and Gingerbread Squares that lift your mood and trigger fond memories. Discover dozens of home remedies to ease anxiety and stress, improve sleep, sharpen brainpower, increase energy, heal skin problems, and more!”

Enjoy over 50 recipes for delicious dishes from salads, soups and entrees to desserts, including Lemon Oil Raspberry Muffins and Roast Chicken with Orange and Rosemary. Sprinkled with feel-good stories and memorable legends, 


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