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ie Deluxe Pack – Diffuser and Essential Oil Blends


By: In Essence

Deluxe Set: Finest Harvest

Create a luxurious aroma for the whole family.

Experience the uplifting and nurturing properties of Rose Otto and Bergamot along with the added benefits of ultrasonic diffusion.

Pack includes:

ie: Rose Otto Essential Oil Blend 9ml: Settling & Uplifting during times of nervous unrest.

ie: Bergamot Essential Oil Blend 9ml: Relieves irritability and symptoms of stress.

ie: Mini Woodgrain Ultrasonic Diffuser

RRP 54.95


Features include:

Ioniser – the diffuser uses electricity to negatively charge the air molecules. This helps to purify the air, remove dust, pollen, bacteria and odors.

Can I ingest these oils?
Pure essential oils should not be ingested unless prescribed by a healthcare practitioner because ingestion of administered incorrectly may carry health risks.

Are these oils safe to use for infants?
It’s not recommended to use these oils for infants, however there are many essential oils that are safe to use for infants, you can see the full list here.

Are these oils safe to use during pregnancy?
It is not recommended to use these oils for topical use during pregnancy, however can be Diffused.


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