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It’s Not Your Money


Author: Silver, Tosha

From the author of The Wild Offering Oracle card deck and Outrageous Openness, a witty and spirited guide to radically releasing the burdens of financial fears.

Offering is a concept so simple it can easily be misunderstood, particularly within the context of money. Often it’s mistaken for a trick to get more of what you want or a way to give a shopping list to the Universe.

Instead, true offering is radical letting go, an opening, a passionate and direct invitation to Love itself. It has everything to do with inviting God to take the lead, and nothing to do with grasping for what you want.

The key to prosperity is accepting that you are worthy of receiving. When a person sincerely offers, what follows is remembrance, waking from sleep, wholeness, Divine intimacy, and utter, amazing surprise. Through allowing, opening, and embracing, you will manifest abundance within your soul and within your life.


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