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Kuan Yin Transmission (Hardcover) Book, The


Author: Alana Fairchild

BE THE LIGHT YOU WERE BORN TO BE. The Universal Mother belongs to humanity and we belong to her. You are invited into the wisdom temple of her heart, a place of sanctuary, miraculous grace and healing. Through her compassion, a path is always shown, and all problems can be transformed into blessings. She wants you to realise that her light is your light.

You are connected, heart to heart, and have the power to bring brilliance, strength and hope into your life and into the world. KUAN YIN. GODDESS ISIS. TARA. MOTHER MARY. KALI.

Our Universal Mother manifests in unlimited forms to meet the needs of all beings. She is endlessly resourceful and willing to assist us. No matter how many mistakes we make or how far we stray, she never abandons, judges or betrays us. She is our constant guide and guardian, our most-faithful friend and our unconditionally loving protector. She is reaching for you, now. You, her precious child, can receive her infinite grace and manifest your authentic soul path.

A beautiful Hardcover book.


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