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Kuan Yin Transmission Universal Mother Pack

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Author: Alana Fairchild

The Kuan Yin Transmission: Universal Mother Pack is exclusively & gratefully chosen to enhance You to “BE THE LIGHT YOU WERE BORN TO BE”  and includes a FREE  Lightworker Journal valued at $29.95. 

The pack includes the 3  NEW RELEASE products:

– Beautifully Bound Hard Cover Book,

– 4 CD set

– 55 card set of Activation Cards

& of course the gifted Journal.

Kuan Yin loves all of humanity and reaches out to offer healing, guidance, compassion and unconditional divine love to help every heart become free from fear and open to love.

The Universal Mother belongs to humanity and we belong to her. You are invited into the wisdom temple of her heart, a place of sanctuary, miraculous grace and healing. Through her compassion, a path is always shown, and all problems can be transformed into blessings.

She wants you to realise that her light is your light. You are connected, heart to heart, and have the power to bring brilliance, strength and hope into your life and into the world. KUAN YIN. GODDESS ISIS. TARA. MOTHER MARY. KALI.

The 55 Activation Cards are for Connecting with the Sacred Feminine & to be embraced within the grace, wisdom and strength of the Universal Mother every day.

Surrender into beautiful Music, Mantra & Meditation with the 4 CD’s set & be aligned with the frequencies of the sacred feminine and be supported as you awaken into truth, expression and purpose. .

Kuan Yin Transmission (Hardcover) Book, The

OPEN YOUR HEART AND TAKE THE JOURNEY… Begin your experience of The Kuan Yin Transmission through the insight, wisdom and inspirational stories of best-selling author Alana Fairchild. Complete with stunning full-colour artwork, inspirational channelling and powerful healing processes to guide you into deeper conscious connection with the Universal Mother, this beautiful book unites Kuan Yin (Goddess of Compassion), Tara (Ancient Star Mother), Kali (fierce Black Madonna of India), Isis (winged Goddess of Magic and Soul Alchemy), Mother Mary (Madonna of Miracles), and more. Discover what it’s really like to live as a channel of the sacred feminine. Embrace your magnificent divine destiny.

CD: The Kuan Yin Transmission

The Kuan Yin Transmission has been lovingly created to open you to the sanctuary and bliss that have and always will be available to you.

Kuan Yin Transmission Guidance, Healing & Activation Deck

55 Activation Cards for Connecting with the Sacred Feminine

Lightworkers Journal

Alana Fairchild is a multitalented spiritual teacher and the bestselling author of numerous books, oracle decks, meditation CDs and more. With her guidance, journaling becomes a gentle process of self-celebration whereby you can unite with greater love, wisdom, awareness and harness the creative energy to bring your dreams and projects to life.


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