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Mala of Divine Truth


Our 108 beaded malas created with rudrakshas &/or genuine gemstones assist in awakening the individual spirit: our true nature; bringing liberation to the soul!

The Mala of Divine Truth incorporates:

  • Silver Om guru head: Om, also written as Aum, is a mystical and sacred syllable meaning true peace, the awakened state and the goal of life: truth beyond the form and formless
  • Radruksha seeds:  Rudraksha, is a sanskrit word meaning ‘Rudra’s eyes’. Radruksha seeds, also known as Shiva’s Tears, are sacred. They are the oldest known prayer bead in the world
  • Pearls: The pearl assists to clear negativity and struggles. They are known to nourish, sooth, calm and nurture, enhancing the ability to take care of oneself and to make aware the purpose of your ‘true self’
  • Clear quartz facets: Connects to the higher self, allows access to your spirit guides and provides clarity in thinking. Known as the ‘elevated healer’, they amplify the energy of other crystals whilst they absorb, store, release and regulate true empowerment.

Our Mala of Divine Truth comes with the Mala of Love: 108 Luminous Poems book valued at $36. This book is our gift for you to help deepen your intimate connection to divine love…your true self…your soul! A rare gem of a book which will become one of your wise, lifelong companions of the heart, its every word, every bead, possesses the power to make your heart ring like a bell.

Read more about the uses and benefits of mala beads.

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