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Mind, Body Code – The (6 CD set)


Author: Mario Martine

Discover the Secret to Personal Excellence Hidden in Your “Mind-Body Code”

You may know that your mind influences your health—but what’s influencing your mind? Until you answer this question, you may be overlooking a key factor on the path to personal excellence.

On The Mind-Body Code, pioneering neuropsychologist Dr. Mario Martinez invites you to discover the dynamic interplay between your thoughts, body, and cultural history to master the creation of wellness and fulfilment.

Biocognitive Theory:

A New Model of Health and Well-BeingWhy do some people live well past the age of 100, without ever seeing a doctor? How can certain individuals reverse “incurable” disease, while others carry burdens of childhood wounds despite years of therapy? Dr. Martinez’ Biocognitive Theory synthesizes insights from medicine and psychology, cultural anthropology, and Eastern and Western spirituality to find the answers to such baffling questions.The Mind-Body Code shows you how to speak the “biosymbolic language” of this new model of health. Six sessions of illuminating case studies complemented by relaxing yet potent mind-body meditations help you balance every facet of your life, from relationships and aging to abundance and ambitions.

Embrace Your Greatness—and Empower Your Dreams
The first step toward the health and satisfaction we all desire begins with one act: allowing yourself to be great. For it is in reclaiming your natural state of worthiness that you come back to wholeness and see anew all that is possible for you. With The Mind-Body Code, you hold a blueprint to rebuild your dreams and to take total control of your life’s journey.

Program Highlights
• The five portals of wellness and the biosymbolic language of your mind-body
• How to break through your “ceilings of abundance” by healing archetypal wounds
• Debunking the myths of aging with the secrets of the centenarians
• From fibromyalgia to stigmata—fascinating case studies of the power of the mind-body-culture connection
• Creating the “healing fields” of honor, commitment, and loyalty
• The psychology of forgiveness—and a special guided practice for liberation from self-entrapment
• Six CDs of insights and exercises with the founder of Biocognitive Theory
6 CDs (6 hours, 42 minutes)

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