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Rose Geranium Essential Oil – Oil Garden 25 ml


Rose Geranium  Essential Oil  is refreshing and calming to the senses. Also useful for: Acne, bruises, eczema, pre-menstrual symptoms.

by: Oil Garden

How to use this product


Create your own personal aromatic environment and balance emotional wellbeing. HOW: Choose 3 essential oils. Add a total of 5 drops to the water your Oil Garden diffuser. As the mist rises it carries the pure essential oil particles into the surrounding air.


Nourish and rejuvenate the body while experiencing the healing benefits of pure essential oils. HOW: Choose 3 essential oils. Add a total of 5 drops of essential oil to 10 ml of carrier oil and gently massage over the skin. The oils are absorbed into the body via the hair follicles working from within to improve general wellbeing.


ECZEMA: To help soothe red and itchy skin mix the below in 1tbs of Jojoba and apply onto the affected area. 1 drop Rose Geranium 2 drops Australian Sandalwood 2 drops Lavender

PMS: To ease mood swings during PMS imbalance mix the below in 1tbs Jojoba Oil and apply to the affected area. 3 drop Rose Geranium 2 drop Lavender