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Spirit Translator



A remarkable book that gives readers the tools to find and connect with their spirit guide.

Author Diana Cole outlines her own walk with spirit—how she went from being disempowered and uncertain in her relationships and career to confident and bold with the help of her spirit guide.

In her work as a spirit translator, Diana has asked spirit thousands of questions on behalf of her clients and herself. These messages are distilled into seven key lessons which form the backbone of the book. Most importantly, Diana helps readers meet and begin a new relationship with their own spirit guides, a dialogue which will transform their lives.

At its heart, Spirit Translator is about self-empowerment and giving readers the knowledge to begin a conversation with spirit that will be a lifelong source of confidence, strength, and clarity.

About the Author

Diana Cole is a gifted intuitive, thought leader, and teacher. She guides individuals and groups through the steps of connecting with their own spirit guides and healing through positive thought re-patterning. Diana is also a successful entrepreneur, having created nationally recognized brands in the fitness industry. 



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