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The Analects – Confucius

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Author: Baldock, John (Ed)

The teachings of Chines philosopher and thinker Confucius (c.BC551-479) espouse the importance of education fro moral development and celebrate qualities such as sincerity, piety and virtue. It was these writings that, for the first time, human behaviour was put under the microscope.

The analects are not the work of just one man, but a collective effort; an anthology of words of and about Confucius, gathered by his loyal disciples. To this day, they remain deeply influential in shaping Eastern philosophy, politics and culture.

Confucius provides a moral code by which each of us should live, based on ideals of responsibility, respect, kindness and honesty – qualities as relevant and sought-after today as they were 2,500 years ago.

A beautifully illustrated collector’s edition.

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