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The Clear Light – hardcover


Author: Taylor, Steve

Spiritual Reflections and Meditations.

Steve Taylor offers short and powerful poetic reflections as a guide to spiritual awakening, and as experiential glimpses of the state of enlightenment itself.

As Eckhart Tolle has written, the poetic form has been “recognized since ancient times as a highly appropriate medium for the expression and transmission of spiritual truth.” Taylor ranges widely, through subjects including “Making the Human Race Whole,” “Freedom from the Past,” and “The Reality of Connection,” always in clear and simple language. Best of all, he reminds readers of the choices they always have when life feels chaotic and overwhelming — empathy, acceptance, and love. Soothing but also challenging, Taylor’s words continually affirm the profound bedrock of peace and even joy in the present that is always available. The book’s eponymous reflection says it best: “There is nothing that can’t be undone — no past injury that can’t be healed / no past mistake that can’t be corrected — in the clear light of the present.” Reading this book is a transformational spiritual experience in itself.

From the Forward:
“A powerful and invaluable guide to the realization of who or what you are beyond the conditioned mind. If you read this book slowly, attentively, and repeatedly, it can take you beyond identification with the content of your mind and into the clear light of present-moment awareness.”
– Eckhart Tolle