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Whatever Arises, Love That

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Author: Matt Kahn

There are four simple words that point the way toward liberation and fulfilment: whatever arises, love that.

This is the life-changing teaching that Matt Kahn has been sharing with millions of YouTube viewers around the world; Whatever Arises, Love That; offers a collection of powerful teachings by this highly regarded teacher, providing you with a series of deeply healing insights and practices to ignite the spark of your highest potential.

Topics include: Discovering the first step in finding inner peace Reclaiming the passion, joy, and inspiration of your true innocent nature Exploring the essential role of surrender throughout the spiritual journey Unraveling the patterns of ego with compassion and ease Mastering the vital skill of conscious communication to uplift every relationship and encounter Reuniting the mind and heart as a doorway into greater spiritual evolution.

As Matt often says, The deepest invitation in any moment is to heal the root of human suffering and celebrate the Spirit in all by opening your heart to its absolute potential. In a universe of endless questions, love is the only answer.

Whatever Arises, Love That is the blueprint for a new spiritual paradigm and your companion in exploring spiritual evolution in the most heart-centred way.


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