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Resilience in Challenging Times – with Mark Nepo & Tami Simon.

Tami Simon is the Founder of Sounds True, and a very generous and aware human.

She is offering people a range of free on-line resources, including a recent interview with Mark Nepo – a New York Times bestselling author and beloved poet-philosopher who has written more than 20 books.

Tami Simon recently met with Mark for his guidance on staying centered and connected as we navigate the impacts of COVID-19.

In this inspiring 30-minute conversation, Tami and Mark discuss:

  • The importance of deepening our roots through spiritual practice so we can weather life’s inevitable storms.
  • The practice of returning, and how we are continually asked to come back to center whenever we are thrown off balance.
  • Why we must “tune as we go,” rather than strive for perfection at all times.
  • How fear gets its power from the future and the past.
  • Why the simplest and most difficult practice is seeing things as they are.
  • The work of self-awareness, and how “steerage back” to what’s real gives us choices.
  • How acceptance disempowers fear.
  • Mark’s poems “If You Want a True Friend” and “Coming Up for Air”


Here is their conversation:



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