Resilience in Challenging Times – with Michael A Singer & Tami Simon.

Tami Simon is the Founder of Sounds True, and a very generous and aware human.

She is offering people a range of free on-line resources, including a recent interview with Michael A Singer – Author of The Untethered Soul.

This is what Tami had to say about her interview with Michael:

“I feel so fortunate to be able to bring you this free new video interview. Michael and I discuss the many challenges that people are experiencing right now, how we can use our struggles for spiritual growth, and his firm conviction that “our primary job is to have clarity on the inside so we can take right action on the outside.

Michael shares his insights into:
The “inner” and “outer” worlds we inhabit, and how our responsibility in any situation is to tend to our inner state so that we can best serve the outer needs of the moment
Cultivating your “impersonal” mind and choosing to focus “on that which is infinite and eternal” rather than the anxious and fearful thought patterns of the personal mind
Maintaining our seat of awareness, and why what happens on the outside is never more important than what’s happening on the inside
Accepting things as they are as the first step of surrender
Compassion for those people struggling at this time, and letting our hearts break open enough to hold the world
“Tough times are when you grow the best,” says Michael A. Singer. It is my sincere hope that our “Resilience in Challenging Times” care package is helping you, in Michael’s words, “to do the best that you can to serve the moment that is unfolding in front of you.”

With love on the journey,”

Tami Simon
Founder and Publisher, Sounds True

Here is the interview, it’s straight and to the point –  stay open hearted and minded – be prepared to be both challenged and inspired!