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Kuan Yin Transmission Universal Mother Pack

The Universal Mother belongs to humanity and we belong to her. You are invited into the wisdom temple of her heart, a place of sanctuary, miraculous grace and healing. Through her compassion, a path is always shown, and all problems can be transformed into blessings.

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Australian Aboriginal Dreamtime Pack

Includes extraordinary products of Australia’s Aboriginal teachings and their vast spiritual and healing knowledge which invites us all to connect, heal and empower ourselves.

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It’s Sacred Living Solitaire!

This pack is for everyone wanting to live a life as your most amazing self. Living life as a solitaire brings freedom and a connection to the totality of your own being.

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  • The Power and Purpose of Intuition

    27 October 2019

    @Berry CWA Hall

      A one day workshop with Dr Catherine Wilkins author of “The Soul’s Brain” Sunday 27 October 10 am - 4pm. Berry Cost: $108* Early bird price: $88.* (Early bird closes 28 September) Every one of us is either living our own life or someone