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“Transcending Fear”

“Staying Conscious in the Face of Adversity”

In these challenging times of the Coronavirus / COVID-19 pandemic, Eckhart Tolle encourages us to deepen presence to maintain and indeed strengthen a solid inner-foundation.

We are forwarding  to you  information about  and links to Eckhart’s freely available NEW 5 part video series called “Staying Conscious in the Face of Adversity” These are made available via Eckhart Teachings and Sounds True.

This is actually Video 3 in the series. (Scroll down for links to video 1, 2 & 4. Video 5 is yet to be released – we will link it when it is.) 









In this session, Eckhart explores:

  • Becoming aware of the present moment as inseparable from who you are.
  • The primary purpose of your life: discovering the “vertical dimension”
  • The addictive, hypnotic nature of negative media
  • How to manage fear in the face of potential loss
  • The first taste of freedom: becoming aware of your mind
  • Accessing “witnessing consciousness” and stepping out of fearful mind states
  • Placing your attention on the inner body as a portal to the vertical dimension
  • The reciprocal relationship between the thinking mind and your emotions
  • Why effective and intelligent action cannot arise out of fear
  • Your state of consciousness: the primary factor in any situation in which you find yourself
  • Acceptance versus resistance
  • “You have to have the courage to go into that place of unknowing—the non-conceptual, vertical dimension,” explains Eckhart. “And then the other dimension of you—the horizontal dimension—can operate much more effectively, fruitfully, harmoniously, compassionately in this world.”


Please read the “letter” below from Erin Jacobson, Executive Director, Eckhart: Teachings:

Dear friends,

Toward the end of last year, we began developing a new program with Eckhart Tolle on how to stay conscious in difficult times. We planned to release this program in autumn of 2020. Little did we know of the crisis that would emerge on a global scale—larger than anything we imagined—and how incredibly relevant and needed Eckhart’s teachings on this topic would be right now.

Given these current world events, Eckhart and our entire team knew it was a priority to complete this program ahead of schedule and to make these teachings available to you at absolutely no charge…

Eckhart Tolle has an empowering and important view about how extreme difficulties can accelerate spiritual awakening. In this five-part program, Eckhart shares an evolutionary perspective on how crisis propels evolution, and how we are each called to greater consciousness when faced with extreme challenges.

With warmth,

Erin Jacobson
Executive Director, Eckhart Teachings


Video 1 – 

“Awakening Through Adversity”

Eckhart discusses:

  • How the ego perceives challenges and obstacles
  • The three kinds of adversity—personal, collective, and mind-made
  • Step one in finding freedom from unnecessary suffering: becoming aware of your mind
  • How the collective mind finds expression in social and mainstream media
  • The realization that changes everything: you are not your thoughts
  • The vital relationship between spiritual awakening, human development, and adversity
  • Finding peace amid turmoil
  • “Encountering adversity ultimately deepens us and gives us access to inner strength,” explains Eckhart. May the teachings in this new series serve to deepen your awakening and orient you toward what Eckhart calls “the transcendent dimension,” where we can find an abiding sense of peace and rootedness even in the midst of turmoil.










Video 2 –

The Hidden Harmony in Times of Disorder

 Eckhart discusses:

  • The fundamental opposites of order and chaos
  • Disorder and chaos as a necessary part of the evolution of life
  • The Dark Night of the Soul, and how adversity deepens us
  • Realizing the transcendent dimension within you
  • Why people rarely awaken when they are in their comfort zones
  • The law of impermanence
  • How awareness of our mortality can be a painful yet deep realization
  • Acceptance and going with the flow of life
  • The essence of who you are
  • Regarding the entire human race as a single organism, inseparable from the source of all life
  • Bringing a new state of consciousness into the world
  • Your continuing mission: to align with the present moment
  • “On the conventional level, order is seen as harmony, and disorder as disharmony or chaos,” teaches Eckhart. “But on a higher level, there is a hidden harmony which includes disorder and chaos, because life moves and evolves between these two opposites.” 










Video 4 – 

“Overcoming Reactivity.”

Eckhart discusses:

  • Reverting back to reactivity and other signs of ego consciousness
  • The energy necessary to be present
  • Collective egos
  • Evolution through the consequences of our unconsciousness
  • Using the situation you’re in for your spiritual practice
  • “Identity politics” and finding the spaciousness to hold multiple opinions
  • Staying conscious in online discussions
  • Eckhart reminds us, “’What is my state of consciousness as I am about to enter this conversation?’ That is the question you need to ask yourself, no matter who you are engaging with.”










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